Year 11 into Year 12 Transition

Mrs K. Challinor Head of Sixth Form

Mrs K. Challinor
Head of Sixth Form

This year will be one that goes down in history. We always knew that you were a special year group - but being the year group that changed the education system in this way - we didn’t expect. However, lets take this as an opportunity to become more skilled, more prepared and ready for Sixth Form opportunities.

So, welcome to CLCC Sixth Form. You are most welcome to our learning community, we can’t wait to greet you in person. For now, we have developed a two phase transition package to prepare you for the rigorous and independent nature of Sixth Form studies.

If you haven’t already applied to Sixth Form and now would like to make an application you can do via PS16 or by visiting our website and clicking Curriculum – Sixth Form.

Your transition work will come in two phases. Phase One is describe below and available now. Phase Two will be available after May Half Term and we have yet to see how much of this we can share with you directly or whether this, too, will be remotely shared with you.

In this Phase One package there are two sets of activities for you to complete.

The first is subject specific grid of activities, each worth a number of points. You will see that subjects are grouped together (eg Business, IT and Computing) due to the similarities in the studies. Your challenge is to complete as many of these activities as you can for each of your subjects that you have opted for.

The second set of resources have a skills focus. The same principal as before with a number of points allocated.

There is also a timetable that you should personalise and follow to keep yourself in a good routine. Be aware the timetable will need to be modified to your choices. The idea is that you pick your chosen subjects and work on these throughout the week. There is extra reading and activities throughout the timetable for each subject. If you aren’t doing that subject you don’t need to complete the task!

I am sure that you don’t need an incentive to complete these activities and prepare for Sixth Form Studies but just in case - after May Half Term, you can send evidence of completion of these to us (you may need to be creative in providing this evidence!) and be entered into a prize draw to win £50! More details to follow, collect your evidence and I will explain further after Half Term.

With our very best wishes as you embark on this new venture of independent study!

Mrs K. Challinor

Assistant Principal and Head of CLCC Sixth Form


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