We are committed to rewarding those students who meet our expectations, doing the right thing and striving to “be the best they can be” day in day out. In addition to our daily and weekly rewards, we have held termly reward events this year to celebrate these students and let them know their efforts and contribution to the college and our learning community, are appreciated and valued.

Countesthorpe Leysland Community College is all about preparing young people for life; equipping them for the reality of working life and supporting them to improve.  Therefore, there will inevitably be some students who end up disappointed, because they have not been given an invitation due to not meeting the college expectations for behaviour and or attendance. We have an unshakable belief that people can improve, develop and make progress. We have tried to make sure that there is opportunity for students to recognise they have not made wise choices and put this right and “be the best they can be.”

We have made no secret of the fact that one of our core aims is to create resilient young people.  We hope that parents will see the value in teaching young people how to deal with disappointment and that working for success and reward is vital in achieving personal goals.