Exams Information

Collection of GCSE Results on Thursday 20th August 2020

Results are available to collect between at the set times below. It’s important that you come in at these times so there is plenty of space for people to social distance.

Arrival Time

9:00am - 11VPA, 11DBU, 11DPA

9:30am - 11PRU, 11LHA, 11RPA

10:00am -11DFI, 11KWA

It is also important to attend in person so we can support you and help explain things should that be required.

  • You are reminded of the need to socially distance from each other and the teachers. We have chosen a venue and entrance to give lots of extra space.
  • Students will enter through the Gym and results will be handed out in the Gym and Sports Hall.
  • Access to the Sports Hall will be via the Sports Entrance gate (next to the main gates at the College).
  • Students will not be allowed into College reception via that route.
  • Results will be given out by surname. Look for the sign with your name.
  • To reduce numbers and maintain social distancing, parents are asked to wait outside/in cars unless there is an issue in which case they can be invited in.
  • Please follow one way signs and observe the entrance and exit signs.
  • Avoid congregating outside in advance of the entrance time. We have lots of teachers available to hand out results so queuing should be kept to a minimum.
  • Help desks and Careers Support will be available in the Sports Hall too.
  • Don’t forget to collect your goody bag before leaving!
  • We politely ask that once you have collected your results and met with any staff required that you leave site and make space for other people.

Information Regarding Summer 2020 A Level and GCSE Results

You will be aware that examinations were cancelled in 2020 and as such the guidance around results is different. The documents below will assist you in finding out more. If you have any specific questions, these might be quickly addressed by contacting the College.


Post Results Service

Following the publication of results for each examination series, the Exam Boards offer a post-results services relating to Reviews of Results (RoR’s) and Access to Examination Scripts. These are:

  • Clerical re-checks - This is a re-check of all clerical procedures leading to the issue of a result.
  • Reviews of marking - a review of the original marking to ensure the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly
  • Access to scripts – an electronic version of the script, either as a priority or non-priority service

Details of the services offered, deadlines and fees for these services as well as information on how you can request a post results service will be given out with results on results day.


Exam Policies


JCQ Regulations