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Exam Results Day 2020

  • A Level Results - Thursday 13th August - 8am to 9am
  • GCSE Results - Thursday 20th August - 9am to 10am

Important Information Regarding the 2020 Examination Series for All Students

The 2020  examination timetable has a new feature agreed by the Exam Boards - a contingency day on Wednesday 24th June 2020.

This will be used if a significant, unexpected event arises nationally or locally during the exam period such that no students (or a large number of them) are able to take an exam when planned. We hope there won’t be such disruption and that the contingency day won’t be needed.

Please note that students should be available throughout the exam period, up to and including on that day, in case their planned timetable is disrupted.


Post Results Service

Following the publication of results for each examination series, the Exam Boards offer a post-results services relating to Reviews of Results (RoR’s) and Access to Examination Scripts. These are:

  • Clerical re-checks - This is a re-check of all clerical procedures leading to the issue of a result.
  • Reviews of marking - a review of the original marking to ensure the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly
  • Access to scripts – an electronic version of the script, either as a priority or non-priority service

Details of the services offered, deadlines and fees for these services as well as information on how you can request a post results service will be given out with results on results day.


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