We exist for one reason: to help the children in our community become independent, capable, resilient young people, ready for life and work.

Mrs C. Aitcheson - Headteacher

Children go through a lot during their time at school. We build confidence in those early years and lay firm foundations for the rest of their education. As they make their way through school, they need room to grow and develop as individuals. By the end of their time with us, you will be proud of who they’ve become.

Our standards are high and so are our expectations. We monitor progress closely and reward success. We unearth talents and foster abilities. And all our students have access to facilities and opportunities that match their ambitions and open their eyes.

Any school can talk about wanting its students to be the best they can be. It’s what happens that matters. Many of our students go to university, including Oxford and Cambridge. Some have opened their own businesses; others have earned scholarships to study abroad or gone on to become award-winning actors and musicians.

This is all easy to say. So once you’ve read through this website, come and visit. It’s the best way to feel what Countesthorpe Academy is all about. You just might find something that surprises you.

Mrs C. Aitcheson