Anti Racism

At Countesthorpe Academy we operate a zero-tolerance approach towards all discrimination. We believe it is imperative to address racism in all its forms and offer our unambiguous support to all our students, staff, governors, parents, carers and guardians who are racialised as Black or a Person of Colour.

We wish to reassure you that all matters of racial discrimination, whether it presents itself overtly or covertly, will be handled with the upmost care and importance.

We are very aware that education is a powerful vehicle of change and as such, we pledge to;

  • Improve the racial literacy of all our staff
  • educate our pupils/students about racism in all its forms (including Anti-Black racism and colourism) and the impact of colonialization and Empire,
  • develop our Anti-Racist policies and practices and engage in dialogue with others to ensure that we all feel proud to belong to an Anti-Racist School.
  • acknowledge racism is an inherent aspect of our safeguarding duty.