Uniform Information


Schoolwear Solutions

An important update from our uniform supplier can be downloaded here

Parents/carers be aware that our uniform shop will only be taking online orders during this period of lockdown, full details are available on their website (www.schoolwearsolutions.com).

Further to our letter sent out regarding the consultation of changing our school name from CLCC to Countesthorpe Academy, we would like to reassure parents that there will be no change to our current uniform.

Any change to our logo would be phased in and would incur no additional cost to parents.

The Governors’ Policy on College Uniform must be followed by all students in years 7 to 11. Please ensure the correct uniform is worn at all times and correct equipment is brought into school.


Item Notes Purchase from our Uniform Supplier
Jumper Plain black V neck jumper with College logo1
Trousers Plain grey tailored trousers2
Skirt Plain grey knee length box pleated skirt3

(for all new students to the College from September 2018 the skirt needs to have the College logo)

Shirt Plain white shirt with collar that can be buttoned to the neck, long enough to be tucked in at all times.4
Tie CLCC Tie (traditional or clip on)
Socks Plain grey or black socks
Tights Plain black tights or plain natural skin tone
Shoes These should be plain, all black (any logo must also be black), low heeled shoes or trainers which are suitable for college.5

Shoes laces should be black

Boots  These should be worn with trousers only, not with skirts. Trousers should not be tucked in. Boots must be plain black and of a traditional design.6
Coats Students will need an additional (preferably warm and waterproof) coat for the colder months especially given that the college is split across two sites.  Coats must not be worn inside college buildings.7
Jewellery One pair of plain ear studs and a watch.  No facial piercings and no other piercings are allowed.  Earlobe stretchers and bars are NOT permitted.  Religious jewellery can be worn but must be under clothing.   Only traditional watches are allowed.  No smart watches (including Apple Watches, FitBits or similar) are allowed.
Hair & Makeup Make up must be discreet and kept to a minimum, hair colour should be in the range of natural hair colouring.  No extreme hairstyles or colours.  No false nails - clear nail polish only.
Bags Each student will be expected to carry an appropriate bag for school which can hold books and equipment.  No small handbag type bags are allowed.
Lanyard Students must wear their lanyard and ID card at all times

Students who are not correctly uniformed can expect to be sent home. Students are expected to wear, or have in their bag, a college jumper.

We want our students to look and feel smart and be proud of the community to which they belong. It is expected that students will dress smartly and take pride in how they look. In coming to the College, parents and carers agree to support our policy in ensuring your child is correctly dressed. Uniform must be worn at all times, including the journey to and from school.

Pupils on day trips will be expected to wear uniform unless they are told otherwise.

PE Kit

The following items are compulsory for all pupils unless indicated:

Item Notes Uniform Supplier
CLCC Navy T-shirt Navy T-shirt with CLCC logo
CLCC Navy Training Top Long sleeved navy training top with CLCC logo
CLCC Navy Shorts Navy Sports Shorts with CLCC Logo
PE Socks Navy and white socks with CLCC logo
Training Bottoms Leggings or tracksuit bottoms. Black or navy Optional

Aerosol deodorants/perfumes or air fresheners are not allowed. If deodorant is required a roll on version is acceptable.

If for any reason your child does not have their kit or has a medical note explaining that they are unable to take part in the lesson, we are unable to make alternative provision. Our policy is similar to most secondary schools in that pupils who are not able to do PE are expected to change into their PE kit and join the PE group listening to the theory aspects and helping with duties as instructed by the teacher. This is also the same policy for outdoor lessons. It is therefore important that they have a coat and warm clothing to observe the lesson if they are outdoors.

If your child has a medical reason for not participating practically in a PE lesson, could you please supply a note to their PE teacher, through your child, on the day of their PE lesson.

If your child has a medical condition that is likely to last for several weeks, please contact your child’s PE teacher to explore arrangements that can be made in such exceptional circumstances.

How to order a School Uniform:

Uniform can be purchased from the school uniform provider:

Schoolwear Solutions
64 London Road

Tel: 0116 216 0665

Uniform is available to purchase online or in the Schoolwear Solutions shop

Items with logos (those with a tick in the above tables) must be purchased from the listed supplier. Anything else can be purchased from other stores as long as they are within the policy. The Principal’s decision is final.

Student ID Cards

When a child starts at the College, students will be issued with an ID Card and lanyard, which should be worn at all times. Your child is provided with this at the beginning of their time with us and should be kept safe as they will not be issued with a new one. Replacement Cards and/or Lanyards can be purchase online through ParentPay.com

The ID card will allow students to:

  • Pay for school lunches
  • Book out library resources
  • Use photocopiers

Students must wear their ID card and lanyard at all times; it is part of their uniform.

Parents are reminded that the College Governing Body and Principal retain the right to insist that students attend College appropriately and sensibly dressed. They reserve the right to exclude students from activities where dress is considered unsuitable for health and safety reasons. Unsuitable dress includes:

  • Shorts, leggings, trousers which are not in line with the Uniform Policy, short skirts and crop tops
  • Unprotected footwear
  • Earrings and other jewellery which could be caught and pulled in Physical Education lessons
  • Platform shoes or high heel shoes which are dangerous on floors and steps
  • Wide, studded belts of any colour

ID cards - what are they used for?

At the beginning of the year as part of our uniform expectations we made it clear that all students must have an ID card on a school lanyard and clearly displayed. Some parents might ask themselves “but why?"

ID cards are used for security purposes and to identify/authenticate students.

From a security point of view all staff, students and visitors are expected to wear a school lanyard and ID badge - this is so that any unauthorised people on site can be spotted quickly and challenged. We take the safety of your children extremely seriously, and ID cards help us to safeguard all users of the College.

ID cards also help students authenticate with our electronic systems, such as our electronic door system, cashless catering system and our photocopiers. In addition they help staff identify students they might not normally teach so as to quickly deal with behaviour incidents. Without ID cards, these identification processes would take much longer. For instance, a quick scan of an ID card at the lunch till finds the student’s cashless account instantly, rather than the 30 seconds it takes to ask the student their name, search the system for them and check who they are.

If a student has forgotten or lost their ID card on a day, they will be placed in a break time detention, during which they will be issued with a one time pass that will allow them to purchase food at lunchtime.  If your child has lost their ID card and lanyard we ask that you purchase a replacement via ParentPay.com or using the cashier’s hatch - if these are purchased overnight, or before morning registration they will be available from the IT office in the library at break time.

In the event that your child has no money on their cashless account and they wish to purchase lunch, they may seek support from the pastoral office in the Countesthorpe building or the reception at the Leysland building. They will issue your child with a lunch voucher (that puts the account into a negative balance) and a text message and/or email will be sent home explaining this. We would ask that you then top up your child’s account for the next day to clear the debt. We will not issue a voucher on a second consecutive day, preventing student’s accounts going further into debt.

We hope that this clearly explains our rationale for ID cards, how they are used, and our procedures for dealing with problems that arise.

[1]Other jumpers or hoodies are not allowed and will be confiscated.
[2]We do not allow; jeans, denim trousers, jeggings, leggings, trousers which are tight to the thigh, calf, or leg, trousers that do not cover the ankle, cords.
[3]We do not allow the following skirts; skater skirts, jersey/lycra skirts, denim skirts, tight skirts, skirts with a pattern
[4]Polo shirts are not allowed. Shirts are to be worn with a tie at all times.
[5]The following shoes are not allowed; pumps, ballet style shoes, shoes with heels, shoes with any marking or logo, sling back or backless shoes.
[6]No UGG type boots are allowed.
[7]Denim/Leather jackets are not allowed.