Revision Support

Help with Revision

Revision is key to exam success and we know that the more revision a student does, the better the grades they are going to get.


If you are a parent reading this, you can help by:

  1. Everyday – Make revision a habit
  2. Organisation – Plan revision time with your child and get them to stick to it – use the week by week guide to
  3. Display the plan - Tick off what’s been done to motivate
  4. Motivation – WIIFM. Think rewards!
  5. Be interested - Look at work. Ask questions. Test them
  6. Be informed - Know exam dates and when revision sessions are on
  7. Contact – Contact subject staff if you have questions
  8. Equipped – Ensure students have revision materials for all subjects including, highlighters, cards, pens and pencils.

Below you will find a number of useful resources and links - please make sure to have a look at all of them to help 

The Revision Hub

The Revision Hub is a revision platform that our students can access through our Microsoft Teams. Revision Hub is a team that students can use to access revision materials, past papers, links and other useful revision materials from all our subject areas.


Year 11 Intervention

To help our students do their absolute best in their exams we have a number of support sessions running after school.


Exam Timetables

Keep your revision on track by preparing for your exams. Make sure you download a copy of the Exam Timetable so that you prepare with plenty of time.


Revision Support Guide

Want to succeed with revision? Use this fantastic Effective Study Strategies guide.


Power to Perform: Help your child with their exams

PiXL Power to Perform is all about what students are eating and how we can use food to enhance their performance, concentration and energy.