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Revision is key to exam success and we know that the more revision a student does, the better the grades they are going to to get.

Here you will find materials to assist you with your revision programme in preparation for your examinations. There are also lots of revision sessions for you to attend at college.

If you are a parent reading this, you can help by:

  1. Everyday – Make revision a habit
  2. Organisation – Plan revision time with your child and get them to stick to it – use the week by week guide to
  3. Display the plan - Tick off what’s been done to motivate
  4. Motivation – WIIFM. Think rewards!
  5. Be interested - Look at work. Ask questions. Test them
  6. Be informed - Know exam dates and when revision sessions are on
  7. Contact – Contact subject staff if you have questions
  8. Equipped – Ensure students have revision materials for all subjects including, highlighters, cards, pens and pencils.


Exam Timetables

Keep your revision on track by preparing for your exams. Make sure you download a copy of the Exam Timetable so that you prepare with plenty of time.


Revision Support by Department

Please find below our revision support for Summer 2018 exams. This will be updated for our 2019 exams in early 2019.

Exam date: 14th May 2018

Revision Materials:

  • BBC Bitesize
  • Revision Notes/Book
  • Revision Guides
Week commencing Revision Topics Other information
12-3-18 The CPU, Memory and Storage
19-3-18 The Internet, LAN, WAN, Wireless networks, Client server v Peer 2 peer networks
Easter Holidays How computers represent characters/images/sound, compression techniques Invite only intervention
9-4-18 Operating systems, Utility software, threats to computer systems
16-4-18 Ethics, the law, privacy
23-4-18 Logic diagrams and truth tables, test plans, compliers/interpreters/assemblers, IDE features
30-4-18 Searching and sorting algorithms, sequence-selection-iteration, flowcharts and pseudocode
7-5-18 Protocols and layers
14-5-18 Written exams begin

Exam dates: C2 15th March 2018 / C3 Written Exam 18th May 2018

Revision Materials:

  • BBC Bitesize
  • DNA Scripts
  • DNA Revision Guides (Found in Shared Drive -> DNA Revision Booklet Folder)
Week commencing Revision Topics Other information
12-3-18 Ensure lines learnt, costume ready, make up agreed on Your exam is 15/3/18
19-3-18 Section B – Live Review of theatre  Ensure War Horse notes written up from our Theatre Trip 19/3/18
Easter Holidays Original performance of DNA, the world of 2007 compared to 2018

Staging type

9-4-18 Plot and Character  Section A Questions
16-4-18 Rehearsal techniques
23-4-18 Section B Notes

Section A Costume choices

30-4-18 Section A Stage Design for YOUR vision
7-5-18 Section A Questions
14-5-18  EXAM 18th MAY Written exams begin

Exam dates:

  • English Literature Paper 1 – 22 May 2018
  • English Literature Paper 2 – 25th May 2018
  • English Language Paper 1 – 5th June 2018
  • English Language Paper 2 – 8th June 2018

Revision Materials:

  • Practice Exam Papers
Week commencing Revision Topics Other information
12-3-18 C19th novel – A Christmas Carol or Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
19-3-18 C19th novel – A Christmas Carol or Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Easter Holidays Complete practice English Language Paper 1 and English Literature Paper 2 These will be given to students, emailed to students and put on SMHW
9-4-18 Transactional writing – letters, speeches, articles, reviews and reports
16-4-18 Modern drama text – An Inspector Calls, Blood Brother or History Boys
23-4-18 English Language Component 2 reading – unseen C19th and C21st non-fiction
30-4-18 Narrative writing
7-5-18 Anthology Poetry
14-5-18  Shakespeare Written exams begin

Exam dates:

  • Crime & Punishment - 4th June 2018
  • Superpower Relations B3/4 - 8th June 2018
Week commencing Topic Paper
12/03 Queen, government and revision

The situation on Elizabeth’s accession

The ‘settlement’ of religion

Challenges to the religious settlement

The problem of Mary, Queen of Scots

19/03 Challenges to Elizabeth at home and abroad 1569-88

Plots and revolts at home

Relations with Spain

Outbreak of war with Spain, 1585-88

The Armada

26/03 Elizabethan society in the Age of Exploration 1558-88

Education and leisure

The problem of the poor

Exploration and voyages of discovery

Raleigh and Virginia

2/04 Crime and Punishment in Medieval England

Crimes and the changing definition of crime

Role of government / king / church / community in prevention and punishment

Different punishment

The role of the church

9/04 Crime and Punishment in Early Modern England

Continuity and change in crimes

New crimes

Role of king / government / community in law enforcement

Corporal and Capital punishment

Gunpowder plotters and Witch hunts

16/04 Crime and Punishment in C18th and C19th

Change and continuity in crimes

New crimes

Role of king / government / individual in law enforcement

Changing views on punishment (Bloody code / transportation / prison)

Pentonville Prison

Robert Peel

23/04 Crime and Punishment in Modern Britain

Change and continuity in crime

New crimes / changing definition of crime

Role of government / local authorities in law enforcement

Abolition of the death penalty

Treatment of Conscientious objectors

Derek Bentley

30/04 The origins of the Cold War 1941-58

Early East West tensions (Yalta / Potsdam / Telgrams)

The development of the Cold War (Truman Doctrine 2/ Marshall Plan / Cominform / Comecon / Berlin 1948 / East-West Germany)

The Cold War intensifies (Arms Race / Warsaw Pact / Hungarian Uprising)

7/05 Cold War Crisis 1958-70

Increased tension between East and West (Refugees / Cuba / Prague Spring)

Cold War Crises (Berlin Wall / Cuban Missile Crisis / Brezhnev Doctrine)

Reaction to Crisis

14/05 The end of the Cold War 1970-91

Attempts to reduce tensions (Détente / SALT1 &2 / Reagan and Gorbachev / INF)

Flashpoints (Afghanistan / Carter Doctrine / Olympic boycotts)

The collapse of the Soviet Union (Gorbachev’s new thinking / fall of Berlin Wall / Collapse of Soviet Union)

21/05 The Weimar Republic

The origins of the Weimar Republic (1918-19)

The early challenge to the Weimar Republic (1919-23)

The recovery of the Republic (1924-9)

Change in Society (1924-29)

28/05 Hitler’ rise to power (1919-33)

Early development of the Nazi Party (1920-22)

The Munich Putsch and the lean years (1923-29)

The growth in support for the Nazis (1929-32)

How Hitler became Chancellor (1932-33)

4/06 Nazi control and dictatorship (1933-39)

The creation of a dictatorship (1933-34)

The police state

Controlling and influencing attitudes

Opposition and Resistance

11/06 Life in Nazi Germany (1933-39)

Nazi policies towards women

Nazi policies toward the young

Employment and living standards

The persecution of minorities


Exam date: 14th May 2018

Revision Materials:

  • Revision Guides
Week commencing Revision Topics Other information
12-3-18 Internet Protocols
19-3-18 IT and the Environment
Easter Holidays Intervention – Invite Only Invite only intervention
9-4-18 Cyber security
16-4-18 Business Software
23-4-18 E-Commerce
30-4-18 Big Brother
7-5-18 Networks
14-5-18 Written exams begin

Exam dates:

  • Component 1 (non calculator) - 24th May 2018
  • Component 2 (calculator) - 7th June 2018

Revision Materials:

Date Maths revision topic Higher Maths revision topic Foundation
20.02.2017 Number  - Indices and Standard form, Number – Calculation, Indices, LCM,HCF,estimating
27.02.2017 Algebra – Expanding and factorising, linear equations, sequences Algebra – simplifying, substitution, expanding and factorising
06.03.2018 Ratio and Proportion – percentages reverse and compound, growth and decay Ratio and Proportion – Percentages, ratio
13.03.2017 Geometry and Measures – Angles, Pythagoras and trigonometry ( including sine and cosine rules) Geometry and Measures - Angles
20.03.2017 Probability and Statistics – averages from frequency tables, cumulative frequency, box plots, sampling. Probability and Statistics
27.03.2017 Number – recurring decimals, accuracy and error, surds Number – Rules for Fractions, Rounding
03.04.2017 Algebra – straight line graphs, parallel and perpendicular lines, quadratic ,cubic and reciprocal graphs Algebra – Equations and Inequalities
10.04.2017 Ratio and Proportion – speed, density and compound measures, proportion. Ratio and Proportion – compound measures
17.04.2017 Geometry and Measures – perimeter, area and volume – circles, cylinders, sectors. Similar shapes Geometry and Measures-Perimeter ,area and volume, trigonometry and Pythagoras
24.04.2017 Probability and Statistics – histograms, probability and tree diagrams, Venn diagrams. Probability and Statistics
01.05.2017 Algebra – quadratic formula, completing the square, simultaneous equations, trig graphs, inequalities on graphs, iteration. Number – Standard Form
08.05.2017 Geometry and Measures – transformations, constructions, circle theorems, vectors Algebra – Sequences and Straight line graphs, quadratic, cubic and reciprocal graphs. Simultaneous equations
15.05.2017 Algebra – gradients of curves, area under curves, velocity time graphs, functions. Ratio and Proportion - proportion

Exam dates:

  • B1  15th May
  • C1  17th May
  • P1  23rd May
  • B2  11th June
  • C2  13th June
  • P2  15th June

Revision Materials:

Week Commencing Topics Other information
26-2-18 B5/B6 Issued on line Show my homework and paper copies from teachers or science office
5-3-18 P5/P6 Paper 1 mock exams
12-3-18 C5/C6/P7 (P8 triple only)
19-3-18 C7/C8 Return of mock papers to students
Easter Holidays C9/C10
PLC questions
9-4-18 Biology Paper 1 exam questions
16-4-18 Chemistry Paper 1 exam questions Paper 2 mock exam for Biology, Chemistry and Physics in lessons
23-4-18 Physics paper 1 exam questions
30-4-18 Physics Paper 2 exam questions
7-5-18 Chemsitry Paper 2 exam questions Return of paper 2 mocks to students
14-5-18 Biology Paper 2 exam questions Written exams begin

Exam date: 25th May 2018

Week Number Week Commencing Topic HOMELEARNING TASK
Textiles Revision Guide/
Bitesize Revision booklet
1 7th March Introduce theme and context

Theme: Insects

Context – Textile product

Moodboard on the theme of insects to be completed by 12th March.
2 12th March

2 lessons


Design specification – evaluate design ideas against spec

Fabric specifications – understand fabric prpoperties

Fibres (wool, cotton, synthetic, regenerated), fabrics and properties, fabric finishes, fabric properties

Development of a product Textiles revision guide p4-13

Textiles revision guide p14-17

Fibres and fabrics revision guide 20-27

Fabric specifications revision guide p30-31

3 19th March

3 lessons

  1. Components
  2. Construction techniques
  3. Biofibres, modern fabrics, microencapsulated fabrics, UV reactive and phase changing materials.
  4. Product specifications – the importance of product/manufacturing specs – link to development of coursework product – complete a product spec.  Use of product spec to evaluate effectiveness of final product.


Components revision guide p42-43

Construction techniques revision guide p52-53

New fabrics and technologies revision guide p28-29

Product/manufacturing specification Textiles revision guide p18-19

Easter revision

Drawing development – practice for section A of the exam.

Design question – supported by textiles revision guide p12-13

Work through and attempt practice papers.  Use revision guides to support answers.

Evaluate final product –12 marks

Against design spec

Against product spec

Your opinions WWW/EBI

Opinions of your target market.

Compare against and existing product.


 4 9th April

2 lessons

Fabric maintenance/care labels

Decorative techniques

Fabric maintenance – revision guide p32-33

Decorative techniques revision guide -33-39

Fabric finishes revision guide p40-41

5 16th April

3 lessons

6 R’s for Textiles

Ethical issues

Textiles and environment

Health and safety

Tools and equipment

Environmental issues Textiles revision guide p44-45

Health and safety textiles revision guide p46-49

Tools and equipment textiles revision guide p50-51

6 23rd April

2 lessons

Quality products.

Industrial production, batch, mass, one off.

Just in time.

Quality assurance Textiles revision guide p58-59

ICT and industrial equipment Textiles revision guide p54 - 57

7 30th April

3 lessons

Product analysis – application of revision to exam questions.

2010 new spec paper – section B

Exam paper questions
8 8th May

2 lessons


Product analysis  application of revision to exam questions. Exam paper questions
9 14th May

3 lessons

Product analysis  application of revision to exam questions. Exam paper questions
10 21st May Revision Session

Hot Tips

Exam Friday 25rd May pm


Power to Perform: Help your child with their exams

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  1. Know what you will be tested on. Ask your teacher for guidance on what the assessment is on.
  2. Use past papers and even mark your own work with the mark scheme. This will help you to see what the examiner is looking for.
  3. Plan activities such as mind maps, cue cards, make quizzes. Again ask your teacher for support if you need some ideas of how to revise.
  4. Stick to your plan and reward yourself! Build in time away from studying to give yourself a break.
  5. Plan in where the tests will be so that you are revising for each subject as an appropriate time.
  6. Use your revision guides to help you.
  7. And finally… don’t put it off. It is important to start early so that you don’t get stressed and worried.

Remember that your teachers are here to support you, ask us for help!