Winter Poetry

Mrs Rashleigh’s Year 8 English class have been using the recent cold weather as inspiration for their poetry task.

Using a range of vocabulary, metaphors and similes, they have learnt how to bring brightness in describing this time of year.

We wanted to share this particularly amazing poem by Melody - a thoughtful reflection on the winter months.

Winter – A Poem by Melody

Grey sky, intensifies colour of lime mossy green grass.

Tress laugh drinking tears of winters woe from dreams past.

Leaves falling down from a branch, graceful.

Land in a pond ripple reflects life in waves, peaceful ways.

Drops of soil wash rain from soot among urban machines.

Yellow leaves dance for the sun as blue breaks a ray down with solar focus.

Though around the eyes ache red from stone words bathed deep in thought, walk down city streets wet from rain.

Marked with pain.

From thousands of untold stories that just wash away.

This page was last updated: 8th January 2020