No Mobile Phone Site

Dear Parent/Carer,

I am really pleased to update you on the progress we have made following the introduction of our new behaviour policy. We have spent the last eight weeks working with our students to ensure they fully understand the policy where rewards are given for doing the right things, and the consequences for when they do not. The students have responded positively to this and we are seeing some fantastic results. Thank you for all your support in helping us make this a success.

When I wrote to you last, we asked for some feedback relating to a number of topics, one of which was mobile phones.

From the responses we have received there is overwhelming support for a complete ban on mobile phones in the college. As a result of your feedback and the outcome of our own discussions, from Monday 3rdJune 2019, CLCC will be a no mobile phone site. This means that:-

  • Mobile phones or any related items such as head phones are not allowed to be seen ANYWHEREon site from the time students enter at the start of the day until they leave site at the end of the day.
  • phones must not kept be in the pockets of clothing or jackets in any situation.

I would like to take this opportunity to make clear again that SMART watches are totally banned. 

We understand that some students might benefit from having a mobile phone before or after the college day, and therefore request in these circumstances mobile phones are turned off and placed in the student's bag. Please note that any devices brought to College are not our responsibility and therefore, knowing that these items are often of very high value, we would urge you to consider carefully whether your child needs to bring a mobile phone to College at all.

If a student does not meet our reasonable expectations in relation to their mobile phone or other related items, we will confiscate them, the student will receive a D60 (60 minute after school detention), the parent/carer will be contacted to urge them to ensure the item stays at home in future, and the student will be able to collect the phone at the end of the day. No warnings will be given.

If a phone needs to be confiscated for a second time, the student will spend time in the Behaviour Support Centre and parents will be contacted to collect the phone.

The rules for Sixth Form Students regarding mobile phones however remains unchanged.

We know that as parents and carers you will support us with this amendment to our policy as it will benefit all our young people. We would also thank the governors for their support in this positive move forwards.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs K. Russell

Assistant Principal

This page was last updated: 23rd May 2019