Music Students Make the Grade

We want to say well done to our students who have recently completed their Music Exams.

Playing an instrument is a excellent way to for young people to improve their 'brain power' and develop a range of thinking skills. For those students who choose to take music exams, the levels they achieve can sometimes be used towards their final GCSE Music grade.

Well done to:

  • Emma B - Grade 5 Cornet
  • Alfie B - Grade 1 French Horn
  • Eve J - Grade 3 Trumpet
  • Holly W - Grade 1 Cornet
  • Jessica P - Grade 2 Alto Saxophone
  • Ella C - Grade 4 Flute
  • Harrison T - Grade 2 Piano
  • Poppy W - Grade 5 Violin


This page was last updated: 12th April 2019