Empties Please

Our student council would like everyone in our community to help with this exciting environmental project.

Empties Please is a printer cartridge recycling programme that aims to reuse old cartridges or recycle them safely.

Our student council have organised Printer Cartridge recycling bins to be placed in the Countesthorpe reception and also the Leysland main office.

Students, Staff, Parents and members of our local community are asked to bring in their old printer cartridges so that we can have them processed by Empties Please.

Apart from the obvious environmental benefits, Empties please will give CLCC money for each cartridge that can be reused with the money going towards Student Council projects such as new outside play equipment.

So please, drop off your empty printer cartridges, help save the planet, and raise some money for our school!

This page was last updated: 24th May 2019