Year 7 Students Power Up with iPads 📱

This week our new Year 7s received their REAL LiFE iPads!

All students in Year 7 received their very own iPad to support their learning while studying the REAL LiFE Curriculum.

During CREW time the students had a briefing with Mr Knott and Mr Patel who helped to explain key features of their amazing new iPad. During the handover students each received their iPad in what can only be described as fantastical celebration experience, with students and staff clapping and cheering as excitement for these fantastic new learning tools reached fever pitch!

Every student entering Year 7 at Countesthorpe Academy studies our innovative REAL LIFE Curriculum, carefully designed to unlock the potential of every child, preparing them for an exciting and bright future.

Key to the demonstrated success of the REAL LiFE curriculum is the use of personalised, individual iPads, that enable our students to learn like never before. Loaded with a selection of educational apps, these iPads truly support our students to be the best they can be!


This page was last updated: 29th September 2022