Year 11 Science Information

Dear parents, carers and Year 11 science students,

The March mock examinations in science have now been completed and marked and students have been given their results. We hope that you have had the opportunity to discuss with your child their successes and areas for improvement. 

Teaching of the courses in science will be completed by Easter giving every student ample time to revise all of the course material from both years ten and eleven.  Below is the science department’s plan of action to ensure students are fully prepared for their science GCSE’s.  It is important you are informed of planned events so we can help you to support and encourage your child to attend support sessions and maximise their chance of success.

Lessons after Easter

  • Each student will work with teaching staff to produce revision mats, practice exam skills and exam technique in lesson ‘walking talking mocks’.
  • Revision skills will be practiced – a revision guide will be required in school for every science lesson
  • Each student will work through at least four past papers, assess against mark schemes and highlight areas to revise again. Students will see their current working at grade after each exam paper to measure their progress
  • Students will practice the skills of reading the exam questions for clues, writing long, structured answers and calculations using data

Extra Revision opportunities

  • Higher and Foundation science revision every MONDAY 3.10pm in S11 and S3
  • Easter Revision sessions – Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th April 9.30-1pm
  • Lunchtime revision sessions run across the week by teaching staff – just turn up


Past exam papers and revision aids packs – Core/Additional/Triple available from cashier’s hatch.  All papers available on the SWAY site sent electronically to all students via school email

Revision guides – AQA additional science available on Amazon

Exam stationary (essential) – three black biro pens, two pencils, a rubber, pencil sharpener, ruler, calculator all contained within a clear plastic pencil case.  No writing on the case for the exams.

Online resources

BBC Bitesize GCSE – online text and tests

S-cool revision

Get Revising – revision materials, mind maps, revision cards

Revision section on the College website

We have so many opportunities available for your child to enable them to succeed.  However, students must take responsibility for their own progress and revise at home every day.  Some ways to make sure they do this is:

  • Have a revision plan which is ticked off as tasks are done
  • Remove distractions like games consoles and mobile phones while your child is working can help them to keep focussed
  • Balance subjects so all examinations are prepared for can help to reduce the stress of not being prepared
  • Have a work area/desk/table space where your child can set up their revision materials and just get on with preparing for exams
  • Eating well, getting some exercise and sleeping well can help your child to concentrate well in college plus deal with the stresses of this exam period (see college website for tips on this)
  • Practicing relaxation techniques can be helpful to some students to manage exam stress

In this last push before exam season, we are doing all that we can to support your child to achieve their best.  If we can support you or your child in the last few weeks of year eleven, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Kathryn Fox

Head of Science

This page was last updated: 30th March 2017