Return of the Reel

Countesthorpe Academy is proud to announce the “Return of the Reel”.

As you will have no doubt seen or heard about, our school was featured on ITV’s Central News last week showing the return of the Dunstable reel following an extensive refurbishment.

Originally located in the centre circle of Countesthorpe Community College, we can exclusively reveal the story behind the “lost years” of the Dunstable Reel.

In the year before the merger of Countesthorpe Community College and Leysland High School, preparations were being made to create a safe playground space in the centre circle for the students of the new school. Unfortunately, rubberised playground flooring was required meaning the amazing Dunstable Reel had to be relocated from its long standing, safe and secure home of the centre circle to somewhere else - but where else could it be displayed to reflect its importance?  Sadly, a solution was not found and a secure area had to be used to keep the sculpture safe until such time it could be put on display once more.

As time progressed and a new location was still not found, the hope of displaying this internationally recognised piece of artwork diminished. That was until the prospect of a new school building with a brand new community garden ideal for displaying the Dunstable reel.

With support from the LiFE MAT and Mr Tim Empson, a consultant working with the LiFE trust to improve the new Countesthorpe Academy, a bold decision was taken to refurbish and restore the Dunstable Reel to its original glory.

As you will have seen from the report on the TV, students were involved in its discovery and restoration, as was the original artist, Phillip King.

Now restored to its rightful place as a featured piece of art we hope that Phillip King would be proud to see his sculpture inspire a new generation of students  from across South Leicestershire.

Watch the exciting ITV News Article here -

This page was last updated: 10th January 2022