Punctuality Matters

From Monday 10th January we will be having a focus on Punctuality

Being punctual for school and lessons is essential for students to achieve their potential and maximise their learning time. It is also vital for students to form good time keeping habits for later life.

Good time keeping helps to demonstrate respect for class teachers, develops resilience and helps to drive success. Attendance and punctuality records often form part of references and are passed onto employers, colleges, and higher educational institutes. Punctuality Matters!

Please see below for further details of how poor punctuality can impact on quality learning time and procedures we have put in place to respond to improving punctuality across the academy.

  • Students should arrive to school no later than 8:40am
  • Students should be in their seat in tutor rooms, Countesthorpe Academy Ready by 8:45am
  • Students arriving after this time will sign in via attendance and issued with a Late Detention -room 8 at breaktime the same day
  • Failure to attend this detention will result in a LT after school detention being issued If a student is late to lesson they will be issued with a Late Detention - room 8 at breaktime the following day
  • Failure to attend this detention will result in a LT after school, detention being issued

This page was last updated: 7th January 2022