Mental Health Week Activities

Looking after our mental health and supporting others has been our focus this week.

Our Year 11 and Year 13 students have begun their external written exams and have shown great determination and resilience during this challenging time.


What's been happening this week? 👇

🔵 Assemblies have raised the profile and encouraged understanding of mental health conditions. This weeks assembly was written by a HIVE Sixth Form student who, themselves, is challenged by mental health issues.

🔵 Our Staff Well Being Team have shared a well-being message each day this week, including some upbeat messages of support to all adults who work at the Academy.

🔵 Mr Bullivant and Mrs Wakefield took a group of Year 7 students to try out Yoga, bubble football, martial arts and wheelchair basketball!

🔵 Well Being Student Leaders participated in the LiFE MAT well-being conference on Friday, with Miss Wakeling.

🔵 Our students and staff were invited to wear something blue and contribute to our fundraising for Mind and Mental Health, with lots taking part today! Please remember that you can still make a donation through Parent Pay.

🔵 Mrs Weston and Mrs Challinor have received confirmation that they have passed the first part of a Level 2 course in Mental Health and Advocacy at Work.

🔵 HIVE Sixth Form students have raised around £30 through a bake sale.


This page was last updated: 19th May 2023