House Winners Day 2022 🎡🍦

Throughout the academic year, our six houses take part in various challenges and competitions which develop students respect, resilience and success.

Challenges are based around behaviour, attendance and uniform, alongside sports, creativity and subject knowledge.

Upon completion of competitions, students can win House Points. The house with the most points at the end of the year will take part in House Winners Day.


House Winners Day involves the winning house having a day of non-uniform, which is packed with fun activities!

At the end of July, House Hawkins was reigning champion - well done!! 🏆

Students were rewarded with an inflatable fun park, sports on the field, films in the theatre, and ice cream 🍦


The day was a great success which we can't wait to do again in 2023!!



This page was last updated: 26th September 2022