End of Spring Term 2024

As we approach the end of the Spring Term and look forward to the break, I wish you all a restful and enjoyable Easter.

This term has seen a fantastic range of events taking place across the Academy and congratulations to all the students and staff who have been involved in the many wonderful activities; there is so much to celebrate! If you have not yet had chance to look, then please take a few minutes to view our latest Academy Magazine - https://bit.ly/4crs8W7

As we move into the Summer Term, many of our students will be focused on preparing for their exams. It is always extremely busy as our Year 11 and Year 13 students move closer to their GCSE and A Level exams. We know how much hard work and dedication goes into ensuring they are well prepared and how much revision takes place both in school and at home to secure the very best outcomes. The Easter break is a really important time to ensure good revision habits are established and that time is used effectively.  Your help at home during this period is much appreciated.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you of some of our basic expectations.

At Countesthorpe Academy we expect all our students to arrive at school equipped and ready for the day and I recently sent out a reminder about this, and specifically regarding school uniform. This reminder discussed the issue with school skirts not being worn correctly and blazers not being worn when arriving to school. These are two basic expectations and I appreciate your help in ensuring your child complies with these.

To aid all parents, I would ask that you familiarise yourself with our uniform policy by visiting this link https://www.clcc.college/uniform-information/

In the Summer Term, we will continue to challenge students who are not complying with our uniform policy. Students who fail to comply with our uniform policy will result in being sent home to correct their uniform.

Your support in ensuring your child arrives at school properly attired is greatly appreciated.

The Summer Term begins on Monday 8th April.

Once again, have a restful and enjoyable Easter!

Best wishes,

Mrs C. Aitcheson


This page was last updated: 25th March 2024