Resources and Personnel Committee

Members of the Resources and Personnel Committee

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  • Mr D. Thurston
  • Mrs S. Kaur

Terms of Reference for the Resources and Personnel Committee

General Terms

  • To act on matters delegated by the full Governing Board.
  • To liaise and consult with other committees where necessary.
  • To contribute to the College Development Plan.
  • To consider safeguarding and equalities implications when undertaking all committee functions.


Quorum is three governor members of the committee, two of whom must not work at the College.


  • The committee will meet at least once each term in accordance with the schedule of meetings determined by the Governing Board.
  • In the absence of the chair, the committee shall choose an acting chair for that meeting from among their number.
  • In the absence of the clerk, the committee shall choose an acting clerk for that meeting from among their number (someone who is not the Principal).
  • The draft minutes of each meeting will be circulated with the agenda for the next ordinary meeting of the full Governing Board and will be presented at that meeting by the chair (or in his/her absence another member of the committee).
  • Any decisions taken must be determined by a majority of votes of committee members present and voting. No vote can be taken unless a majority of those present are governors. Issues on which consensus cannot be achieved must be referred to the full Governing Board if any of the voting members of the committee so desire.

Specific Terms

  • To ensure that the College is staffed sufficiently for the fulfilment of the College Development Plan and the effective operation of the College.
  • To establish and oversee the operation of the College's Appraisal Policy - including the arrangements and operation of the College's appraisal procedures for the Principal.
  • To establish a Pay Policy for all categories of staff.
  • To be responsible for the administration and review of the Pay Policy.
  • To ensure that staffing procedures (including recruitment procedures) follow equalities legislation.
  • To annually review procedures for dealing with staff discipline and grievances and make recommendations to the Governing Board for approval.
  • To monitor approved procedures for staff discipline and grievance and ensure that staff are kept informed of these.
  • To recommend to the Governing Board staff selection procedures, ensuring that they conform with safer recruitment practice, and to review these procedures as necessary.
  • In consultation with staff, to oversee any process leading to staff reductions.
  • To establish the annual and longer-term salary budgets and other costs relating to personnel, e.g. training.


Resources and Personnel Committee will review and agree the following policies (list currently being updated following merging of committees):

  • Keeping Children Safe in Education (ratification by FGB);
  • Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation;
  • Appeals;
  • Attendance Management;
  • Bike-2-Work;
  • Capability;
  • Disciplinary;
  • Equality and Diversity;
  • Family Leave;
  • Grievance;
  • Probation;
  • Pay (ratification by FGB).