Health and Safety Sub-Committee

Members of the Health and Safety Sub-Committee

Senior Management Team and College Staff Links

  • Mrs S. Kaur
  • Mr A. Scott
  • Mr G. Bond
  • Mrs K. Fox
  • Mrs K. Glover
  • Mrs S. Nataly
  • Mr M. Rouse
  • Mr N. Williams

Terms of Reference for the Health and Safety Sub-Committee

General Terms

  • To ensure that Countesthorpe Leysland Community College discharges its Health and Safety duties to its students, staff and visitors in a full and proper manner.


Quorum is three governor members of the committee, one of whom must not work at the College.


  • The committee will meet at least once each term in accordance with the schedule of meetings determined by the Governing Board.
  • In the absence of the chair, the committee shall choose an acting chair for that meeting from among their number.
  • The committee shall choose a clerk for each meeting from among their number (someone who is not the Principal).
  • Notes of the meetings will be presented to the Resources Committee by the Business Manager.

Specific Terms

  • The business of the Health and Safety Committee shall be the consideration of all relevant Health and Safety issues brought to its attention by any means, together with deciding upon appropriate action together.