Sixth Form Year 12 Transition Work

Year 11 into Year 12 students - please see the list below for your Summer transition work.


Summer Transition Work for Year 11 into Year 12

Please complete the work sheet we started in the lesson

Watch the following video and mind map the following

  1. Key stylistic qualities
  2. Key themes
  3. Key movements / motifs
  4. Structure
  5. Actions
  6. Space
  7. Dynamics
  8. Relationships
  9. Music, Costume, Lighting

Please download the Dance 'Revelations' Worksheet by following this link

Health & Social Care

Year 12 single award BTEC: They need to create a time line of key life events/milestones from birth to present day. Including expected and non-expected events. Students can include both positive and negative events. Go further! Explain the impact these life events had on themselves.

Year 12 double award BTEC:  They have a responsibility to get their work experience placement sorted over the summer. They need to come back in September with it all sorted.

Research the history of sound recording for 1877 to the present day. Include devices (e.g. phonograph), recording media (e.g. tape, CD) and explain how they work, when they were popular and any pros and cons to using them. You may present your work in any format – i.e. as a timeline, a power point presentation, a booklet. Submisson date: 1stSeptember 2017.

Year 11 into 12 PE Holiday Homework:

  • Pupils are to highlight the GCSE knowledge that they have already covered for each area of the specification for all three sections of the course. (sheets provided)
  • They will then use their old GCSE notes to create revision mind maps for these areas to retain the GCSE knowledge ready for Year 12.
  • Where possible pupils should use an A Level OCR textbook to add new A Level knowledge to their GCSE mind maps.
  • This needs to be completed and handed in on the first lesson back with each individual teacher.


  • Philippe starck
  • James Dyson
  • Dieter Rams
  • Charles and Ray Eames
  • Marianne Brandt
  • Robin Day
  • Michael Graves

You are to choose two designers from the list above and complete a study of their work and give your own opinion of

  • Style (what is their style)
  • Use of materials (what materials have they used and why)
  • Why you like their work or dislike their work.

Then complete a compare and contrast between your two designers work. Explaining how they are similar and also how the differ in style.

You should aim to complete two sides of A4 paper and include images of the designer’s work to help explain your work.