Year 11 Public Examinations

This week students begin their public examinations and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your child good luck and reiterate the key points from my letter in March.

Exam Preparation Programme

We have replaced traditional ‘study leave’ with an Exam Preparation Programme. Formal lessons end on Thursday 23rdMay after their English exam. Beyond that time, students have a personalised programme of events they must attend in addition to their exams. This might include revision booster sessions or walking talking mocks. If students have this on their personalised timetable they are expected to be in College.

There are some occasions when examinations finish after 2pm but before 3pm (before the 23rd May) and on these occasions, students will be allowed to leave the site earlier than normal.

During the Examinations

It is imperative that students come to examinations properly equipped and with the full correct uniform and attitude. Failure to wear the correct uniform risks them being turned away from the exam. This includes their lanyard which ensure invigilators can tell who they are. Students must have the correct equipment.

Anyone violating examination procedure will be removed from the examination and reported to the examination board.  Mobile telephones and smart watches, in particular, are causing concern.  A mobile phone or other digital device sounding during an examination is deemed to be malpractice and the student responsible will be given zero marks for that particular examination.  These are the rules stipulated by the examination board which we have to enforce.  A copy of the exam regulations has been shared with students.

It is essential that students are on time for their examinations.  Before each morning examination there is a Hot Tips session at 8.30am where last minute tips and reminders are shared.  In the afternoon, this begins at 12.35pm and all students are expected to attend.

Exam Results

GCSE results will be available from the College site on Thursday 22nd August from 9am.  The results can only be issued to the students themselves; anyone collecting results on behalf of a student must have a letter signed by that student.

I would like to wish all students well over these next few weeks and that all their hard work pays off.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs C. Aitcheson


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