Year 10 Summer Work

Dear Parent/Carer,

As we approach the end of term, I would like to draw your attention to the work Year 10 students are completing over the summer ready for September. End of Year 10 examinations have been marked and students have received feedback and advice on how to improve. Teachers have carefully constructed work based on areas that students found challenging. By focussing on these weaker areas students can improve performance and achieve the highest grades going into Year 11.

Research has shown that students are at risk of falling behind over the summer between Year 10 and Year 11 if they do not continue with their studies. We aim to stop this happening with a comprehensive set of work for students to complete over the holiday. A brief overview of which can be found below. To make this more meaningful there will also be testing for students in the week beginning 9th September.

I’m sure we have your support in ensuring the work is completed so students begin Year 11 in the most positive way. Students should check Show My Homework to ensure all work set has been completed.

I wish students and their families a restful summer and look forward to seeing you in the new school year.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. C. Aitcheson


Summer work by department


Complete areas written in red on PLC in the front of your sketchbook.

Redo or upgrade 10 hour final pieces for Artist Movement and/or Still Life.

Upgrade sketchbook pages and make sure there are no gaps.


Complete Unit 1.4 on the SENECA Learning website.  Take a screen shot of your results page and print it to hand in to your teacher in your first lesson after the summer break.

Computer Science

Students are expected to complete the PiXL quizzes which focus on a variety of different topics associated with Computer Science.


DTT activities based upon the mock as students have been completing component 1.  Students will be directed to use the revision booklet we have produced (and they already have) in order to undertake therapy.  Testing will be in first few lessons back – section A questions based upon the weaknesses in the last two mock papers.


Eduqas GCSE English Language: Questions 1-6 of Reading Section on Component 2 Paper.

AQA GCSE English Literature - Focused revision tasks for Paper 2 on character and theme for An Inspector Calls by J.B Priestley.  All class submission on first lesson back. 


Work is based on DTT activities from the mock exam. Students have therapy work from the revision guides and they also have a PIXL login for tasks set. More detail on SMHW.


GCSE-style exercises for improving reading, listening and grammar skills. Booklets issued to students. Listening material accessed via School website. Details on SMHW


For Geography, students will have selected one therapy task based on their latest exam. They will also be expected to produce a mind map on one of the following topics: Global Cities; Weather and Climate; Coasts; Development or Rivers.

Health & Social Care

Students to upgrade any coursework that has been marked by their class teacher over the summer to ensure they are up to date when they return to coursework in year 11.


To prepare for next set of medicine discoveries (industrial age).

To revisit the cold war/ superpower rivalry (the immediate effects of WW2 on superpower relations). These tasks will go on Show My Homework and parents will be informed of those students who need to attend a series of masterclasses for next term.


Create a timeline of different computer consoles from 1972 to today. Explain the console capabilities and limitations.


Students will be asked to complete credits from the PIXL Maths Independence resources, published on Show My Homework, at the appropriate tier.  


Students will be asked to complete credits from a booklet containing a variety of tasks in relation to the topics they’ve studied this year – promoting film, music magazine, music videos and radio. It is also expected that students create and their own media term and knowledge revision game/s. The game templates and booklets will be on Show My Homework.


Learn keywords for each set work. Complete wider listening activities on SMHW.


Complete red areas from their PLC over the summer.

PiXL Independence – complete 50 credits on Socio-Cultural areas


Work set on Show My Homework – multiple choice questions and links to further reading.

Resistant Materials

Students to use Smith Pro Forma handed out at parents’ evening.  This is to work on areas of weakness from Design and Technology unit 1 section of the specification. Students are to use SENECA learning to access Unit 1 specification material and to use practice questions to cement learning.


1)Flipped learning ecology project, 2) Independence booklets- to improve on an area identified from mock exams.


GCSE-style exercises for improving reading, listening and grammar skills. Booklets issued to students. Listening material accessed via College website. Details on SMHW.


Revision work for unit 1 (using BBC Bitesize for unit 1, SENECA learning and Collins revision guides). Highlighted on Smith Pro Formas given out at parents’ evening and sent in a separate email to each parent.

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