Year 10 Assessment Information – October 2019

The latest interim assessment of your child’s performance is now available to view on the MyEd app.  Parents are encouraged to download the app so they can access full attendance, achievement and behaviour information.  Without the app a link will be sent via text or email to access this latest report.  All parents can access the app using these steps (email should you require any further assistance).

Information outlines the target grade we have set for your child which could be achieved with hard work and real commitment to studies along with an effort grade which describes their attitude and commitment to date and gives a good indication of how well they have settled on their GCSE courses. Over the course of Years 10 and 11 you will also receive their ‘Currently Working at’ grade and we would to see this steadily improve towards the target.  It is also worth noting the importance of excellent attendance and high levels of effort in ensuring success.

None of the target grades in the interim reports are set in stone.  All grades are reviewed and adjusted periodically depending on the progress being made and how hard your child is working.  The target grade can be adjusted upwards if it is being met or exceeded; it is unlikely to be adjusted downwards unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Target Grades:

You will notice in some cases your child’s target grades have been altered slightly since Year 9. We set targets for students based upon their KS2 SATS scores (alongside teacher input). We calculate what students with a similar starting point at KS2 have historically achieved at the end of GCSE and this is the approach taken by the majority of schools.

Effort Grade for Tutor Period

Students now have a fixed tutor period for an hour once a fortnight on a Thursday morning. We place great important on the issues discussed and approach taken by students during this time. As such, tutors now give an effort grade on the report to show how your child is responding to this important time.

In order for you to monitor the progress of your child, it would be helpful for you to retain the assessments we provide and discuss them every so often.  In this way we are able to work together to ensure your child achieves their best in the GCSE examinations.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. C. Aitcheson


This page was last updated: 8th October 2019