Mind to be Kind in our Community

Having a Mind to be Kind is something that all the Staff and Students at Countesthorpe Leysland Community College aspire to.

Small things such as holding the door for another student to large international charity projects such as CAMPS International all show how we help and care for members of our community.

We were therefore really pleased to see how members of our local community reacted when a student had an accident on their way home (small accident on their bike).

Michelle from Blaby Stokes C of E Primary School, and Christine, a local resident of Countesthorpe, both showed a superb Mind to be Kind helping one of our students in their hour of need. Looking after the student, calling an ambulance and waiting for the parent and members of the College leadership team to arrive, we were so pleased to see how members of our local community stepped in to help our student.

Mrs Russell, Assistant Principal, was so pleased to see how these two absolute stars helped our student she wanted to recognise their support with a small present; a lovely bunch of flowers each.

So thank you again to Michelle and Christine - you really do have a Mind to be Kind!

#mindtobekind #awesomecommunity

This page was last updated: 13th February 2020