Letter from the Principal – March 2019

Dear parents/carers

At CLCC we want to ensure students achieve their potential and take advantage of every opportunity that is on offer. We want all our students to ensure they are in the ‘right place at the right time doing the right thing,’ and that act responsibly and show respect to others. We refer to this as having a ‘mind to be kind’. Our aim is to reward all students who do the right thing in the form of merits and invitations to reward events. We will always encourage our students to make the right choices so they are able learn and succeed.

Unfortunately, there are times when students do not make the right choices which can impact upon the learning of others. Where this happens, we need to be able to deal with it quickly and effectively. As such we have reviewed our behaviour policy to ensure any disruption to learning is tackled and dealt with quickly, both in and out of the classroom. This will ensure we have a calm, orderly college where the focus is always on learning.

Mrs Russell (Assistant Principal with responsibility for Behaviour across the college) will be writing to you over the next few days to explain to you the changes that we are making. These changes will start from Monday 18thMarch 2019. We would ask for your full support as we implement these changes and please discuss these with your child at home and help us to reinforce the key messages.

Alongside this we want to develop and enhance students’ positive attitudes to learning through their experience in lessons. Part of this will be an increased expectation of students to:-

  1. Answer questions in class when the teacher asks them to. We no longer expect students to put their hands up to answer questions. This means that levels of engagement and contributions to lessons will be better and students will develop their skills in this area.
  2. Respond to the feedback from the teacher and act on it. For example, feedback may tell students to re-write a paragraph of work ensuring it includes key words related to a specific topic.We know that the best way to improve is by upgrading work and want students to do this whenever they are asked to.

Again, please have conversations with your child at home about this and ask to see some work they have upgraded.

You are key to helping us to help your child to succeed and we would like to hear your views on a number of topics. Included in Mrs Russell’s letter will be a link to a questionnaire. Please take the time to reply so we know what your views are and we can then respond to them.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Aitcheson


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