Fantastic Online Learning

We are rightly proud of the effort, determination and resilience shown by our students and staff this week, and lots of our parents agree!

Our amazing academy has switched to online learning this week and our students have been wonderful at engaging with this. 98% of students have taken part in online learning so far this week which is fantastic!

We've had lots of emails and messages from parents thanking our staff, and some of their wonderful comments can be read below - thank you to all those parents who have taken the time to express your gratitude; it means so much to our teachers and staff.

  • I would just like to thank all the staff and support workers for all their hard work this past year. The shift to online working, when needed for the students works extremely well and so did the Parents Evening. Thank you so much for all the support from the school with any problems that have arisen.
  • Thank you for how hard you are working to continue to educate my child and ensure her safety at the same time, it must be so challenging. I really appreciate all that you are doing.
  • I think the school are really dealing with it all amazingly well, and keeping us parents well informed - thank you
  • Thank you for just sticking at your jobs, thank you for putting our children first over, quite often, your own free time and well-being, and thank you for taking the  last-minute plans of our government and somehow making them into a reality which means our children can keep learning with some inspirational teachers.
  • I'm so impressed with how organised Countesthorpe is with online lessons - thank you!


This page was last updated: 8th January 2021