College Closure and Re-opening Update

Dear Parents,

You will be aware that there have been a number of announcements about schools and the possibility of some form of reopening in the last few days. I wanted to write to you today to reassure you that we are working hard on planning for the different possibilities that might be in place from the 1st June, and for the remainder of the school year. There is still great uncertainty around what will actually happen, not least, because the ‘five tests’ that the government has determined, have to be met, in order for any limited reopening of schools. This means for example, that infection rates still have to be falling. If this is not the case school reopening will be delayed. Please be aware that we find out information from the government at the same time you do.

At CLCC, we have been desperately sad not to be able to welcome our children into school over the last few weeks and we are very aware of how they are missing school. We want to get them back to some schooling as soon as we can. However, we can only do this when it is as safe as it can be for them, our staff, you and the family members in your home.

There is a stated intention to bring Year 10 and Year 12 in for some limited face to face contact from 1st June. School for these children will not however suddenly return to normal.

We are working on a variety of plans that mitigate the risk of transmission of the virus when some children return. These plans will mean:

  • reduced class sizes to lower the chance of transmission
  • significant changes to social time and the structure of the school day
  • changes to how we will provide a school lunch
  • changes to the start and finish times of the school day
  • the days your child will attend and days they will continue with remote learning
  • how your child will get to and from school

When we have more definite answers to critical questions around social distancing requirements with children, then we will be able to explain what we will be offering in June. We are however reliant on central government and the Local Authority to provide these answers in a timely fashion.

For now though, it is worth recognising that the vast majority of learning, for the remainder of the school year, will still have to be conducted from home. We are very aware of how difficult this is, and we want to continue to support you in every way we can.

I will write to you again before the end of next week to give you more detailed information.

Yours sincerely,

Mr C. Aitcheson


This page was last updated: 13th May 2020