Sixth Form Virtual Induction Day

Welcome to our Sixth Form Virtual Induction Day. We would have loved to meet in person but sadly due to the current COVID situation we can't. However this doesn't mean we can't show you what your subjects are like and answer your questions!

Below we have a number of options for you to take part in. We have some scheduled live lessons available via Teams. If you want to take part just click on the link. If you are using a Mac or PC and using a browser such as Chrome it will start straight away. If you are connecting via a mobile device please install the Teams app first from your App store (you don't need to sign into Teams to watch these live lessons) and then click on the links on this page. We also have some prerecorded lessons available to watch via our YouTube channel.

We hope that you enjoy the day and seize the opportunity to take part in as many lessons as possible; make sure you schedule your time to take part in the live lessons - you don't want to miss out.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us

If you have any questions during the day that you would like us to answer, please send them via SMS to 01163260133 and we’ll message you back as soon as we can.

Step 1 - Registration

Please register your attendance at our Virtual Induction day using this form


Step 2 - Welcome to our Virtual Induction Day

Welcome once again to our Virtual Induction Day. Please watch this welcome presentation from our Principal Mrs C. Aitcheson and our Director of Sixth Form Mrs K. Challinor.

Step 3 - Live Lessons

Our Live Lessons were a massive success so thank you to everyone who took part.

If you missed them, don't worry, recordings of the lessons are in our Pre-Recorded Lessons section below.

Step 4 - Pre-Recorded Lessons

Our teachers have prepared a number of pre-recorded lessons that you can watch at your leisure. Make sure to watch the ones for the subjects you are interested. Why not give a some of the other subjects a try, you might find something new that interests you!

Step 5 - Meet our Sixth Form Team

Step 6 - Some Top Tips from our Sixth Form


Step 7 - Fun Challenges

Our Sixth Form Students work hard, but also find time to enjoy themselves; a healthy work balance is essential to good well-being. Have a try at the following fun, relaxing activities.

  • Take an impressive photograph
  • Throw a tea bag into a mug from the furthest distance
  • Get an egg as high as possible, without breaking it – please don’t make a mess – sorry parents 
  • Memorise the Highwayman poem
  • Draw an upside-down self-portrait using crayons
  • Make something spin for the longest period of time
  • Make the best paper aeroplane:  it’s got to fly!!
  • And finally a Kahoot! Quiz


Step 8 - End of Day Survey

Let us know what you think about our online Virtual Induction Day.