Uniform Information


As of the beginning of Academic Year 2017/18 for students in years 7 – 11, the uniform will be the following:

Years 7 – 11

Plain grey tailored trousers Plain grey tailored trousers or plain grey knee length skirt (straight or pleated)
Plain white shirt with collar Plain white blouse/shirt with collar
CLCC tie CLCC tie
Plain black V neck jumper with college logo Plain black V neck jumper with college logo
Plain black shoes/trainers Plain black shoes/trainers
Plain grey or black socks Plain grey or black socks or plain natural skin tone or plain black tights.

PE Kit

CLCC Navy T-shirt CLCC Navy T-shirt
CLCC Navy Training Top CLCC Navy Training Top
Navy shorts Navy shorts
PE Socks PE socks
Optional Items Optional Items
Training bottoms Training bottoms

Below is a detailed explanation of the uniform requirements which we expect all students in Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 to follow.


In the first instance, and in order to guarantee that your son/daughter arrives at college in the correct trousers, I would encourage you to purchase the trousers from our preferred supplier Schoolwear Solutions.

We appreciate that there are a vast array of styles so have drawn up some additional guidance in order that you can help to support us in ensuring your son/daughter is adhering to our uniform policy.

Should you choose to purchase them from another retailer other than our recommended supplier then please ensure the following:- 

Trousers should be plain grey 

We will not allow the following:-

Jeans, denim trousers, jeggings, leggings, trousers which are tight to the thigh, calf, or leg, trousers that do not cover the ankle, cords.

We expect all students to comply with our requirements and the Leadership Team at the College will determine what is and what is not acceptable should there be still be any confusion.


Skirts are to be knee length and of a traditional style. We will not allow the following:-

Lycra skirts, denim skirts, tight skirts, skirts with a pattern


All students are required to wear a V neck black jumper with the College logo –

No other jumpers will be allowed and students should arrive in college each day wearing their college jumper. Hooded tops, non uniform sweatshirts, and tracksuit tops are not allowed and will be confiscated. 


Shirts and blouses should be plain and of a traditional style and must be able to be worn with a tie. Polo shirts are not allowed. We expect students to wear shirts tucked in.


These should be plain black, low heeled shoes which are suitable for college. The following are not allowed:-

Fabric or canvas shoes, pumps, ballet style shoes, shoes with heels, shoes with any marking or logo, sling back or backless shoes. Shoes laces should be black.


Boots may be worn. For girls these can be worn with trousers only, not with skirts. The boots must be worn over the socks. Boots must be plain black and of a traditional design. No UGG type boots are allowed.


Students will need an additional coat for the colder months especially given that the college is split across two sites. Students must have a practical coat which is waterproof. Denim jackets and leather jackets are not allowed in College. Coats must not be worn inside college buildings.


One pair of plain ear studs and a watch. No facial piercings and no other piercings are allowed. Earlobe stretchers and bars are NOT permitted. Religious jewellery can be worn but must be under clothing.

No smart watches.

Hair and Make up

Make up must be discreet and kept to a minimum, hair colour should be in the range of natural hair colouring. No extreme hairstyles or colours. Clear nail polish only.

We want our students to look and feel smart and be proud of the community to which they belong. It is expected that students will dress smartly and take pride in how they look.  In coming to the college, parents and carers agree to support our policy in ensuring your child is correctly dresses. Uniform must be worn at all times, including the journey to and from school. Pupils on day trips will be expected to wear uniform unless they are told otherwise.