Year 11 UPDATE – Study Leave and other Examination Information

Dear Parent/Carer,

The final written GCSE examinations are now well under way and we are hopeful for some excellent results this year in all subjects.  Students and staff have been working really hard both in lessons and at after school sessions and I am sure that the high levels of effort will reap rewards in August.  Of course, it goes without saying that some of this success is dependent on students doing the right amount of revision at home and not leaving it until the last minute to cram everything in.

With regard to study leave, we do try to get the balance of this right by providing appropriate support in lessons and giving students sufficient time and opportunity for private revision. We do get to the point where students have taken a number of GCSE examinations and therefore no longer need to attend those lessons.

This year, we are to allow study leave from the end of Thursday 25th May 2017.

From this date, there will be no compulsion for Year 11 students to attend lessons.  There will be a study room provided for those students who want to study in College but from past experience the vast majority of students decide to study at home and come to College for their examinations.  Of course, teaching staff are always available if students have any questions or subject specific problems.  In addition, before some examinations, there are ‘Hot Tips’ sessions held in the Theatre; these are announced in advance and are well attended, as students find them useful.

On Friday 26th May most Year 11 students have GCSE English Literature and will need to be in college from 08.30am.  After this examination, students will be free to leave and will make their own way home. We anticipate them to be finished by 11.20am

Students wishing to remain in College to catch the buses at the end of the College day will be allowed to study in the room provided but will not be allowed to roam around the site as this is very disruptive to students in other years.  Once again, the vast majority of students do make their own way home after examinations.

Students coming to College by bus will be able to come to College in the morning at the normal time and if they wish, catch the bus at the end of the day, then that will be possible at the normal time.  Students who are on-site for examinations will be able to purchase food as normal at break and lunchtime.

Once study leave begins, we will communicate with students and make announcements at the end of examinations.  On arrival to College, students should check the examination notice board and the seating plan which will be displayed in the canteen.  Students should know the venue and seating position prior to entering the examination room.

We ask all students to arrive at the College promptly in time for examinations, at least 10 minutes before the start and with the right equipment.  It is essential that students bring with them two black pens for writing purposes and any other equipment required for particular examinations.  Some Science and Maths examinations require the use of a calculator and it is essential that students know when these examinations are taking place and remember to bring one along.

Students are aware that Exam boards insist on extremely strict rules about how we conduct our examinations and anyone contravening the examination regulations will be dealt with accordingly and reported to the examination board concerned.  This may result in the student failing the examination.

Students should avoid bringing mobile phones and smart watches to College during the examination period.  There is a facility to hand in phones before an examination, but with over 200 students in the sports hall, this takes up a great deal of time and can delay the start of the examination.  I would prefer it if students did not bring phones at all.  Each year students fail an examination because they are caught with one or it sounds during an examination.

The GCSE Results will be made available from College from

9.00am on Thursday 24th August.

Finally, I would like to wish all our students every success, I really do hope they work hard and get the rewards they deserve.  Remember, revision is the key and can make the difference between a good result and one which falls short of where it should be.  Good luck to all our students and many thanks to Parents and Carers for all your support.

Yours sincerely,

Mr J. Sleath


This page was last updated: 19th May 2017