Let’s get ready for sports day!

With sports day starting tomorrow, please make sure all pupils have suncream and plenty of water.

PE kit can be worn, but if they haven't got the CLCC PE top then a plain blue or black top will be okay.

The year groups competing tomorrow are year 9, 10 and 12, where field events will take place lesson one for year 9 and lesson two for year 10. Anyone competing in the 1500m will complete their race in lesson three. All other track events will take place after lunch during lesson four and five, where the rest of the year groups will be out to support competitors!

Friday we see year 7 and 8's compete, and field events will be done in the morning lessons. Year 7 field events will take place during lesson one and year 8 during lesson two. The 1200m and 1500m races will take place during lesson three, followed by all the other track events taking place after lunch.

Let the games begin!

This page was last updated: 4th July 2018