Expectations for September 2017

As this academic year draws to a close and planning is well underway for next year, I would like to take the opportunity to share with you our expectations for the next academic year.

Parents, staff and students all share a common goal in that we want every student to achieve their potential and be the best they can be. We want students to leave the College with the best results possible and with the skills and qualities they need to move onto the next stage in their lives. We are striving to be excellent in all that we do and all staff at the College are committed to ensuring we achieve this. This requires dedication, hard work and a relentless approach towards achieving the very highest standards.

With this in mind, we must ensure there is a good foundation which allows teachers to teach and students to learn. The basic expectations I have outlined in this letter are ones that every student must follow and that I want every parent to be clear about. These are not areas where we are prepared to negotiate with students or parents and we would be very grateful if you could reiterate these to your child at home.

In relation to conduct in lessons

  • Students need to arrive at College on time and arrive at lessons on time
  • The teacher is the person in charge of the lesson and students MUST follow instructions
  • Students should do as asked of them by the teacher
  • Students should be polite and respectful to each other and to staff

In relation to conduct outside lessons

  • Students are expected to move quickly between sites
  • Students are expected to respect the College environment

In relation to uniform

Girls Boys
Plain grey tailored trousers or plain grey knee length skirt (straight or pleated)

Plain white blouse/shirt with collar. Shirts must be tucked in.

CLCC tie

Plain black V neck jumper with college logo

Plain black shoes/plain black trainers


Plain grey tailored trousers

Plain white shirt with collar. Shirts must be tucked in.

CLCC tie

Plain black V neck jumper with college logo

Plain black shoes/plain black trainers



In order to guarantee that your son/daughter arrives at college in the correct uniform, I would encourage you to purchase the trousers from our preferred supplier Schoolwear Solutions.

Full details about our uniform requirements can be found on our website. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with what is needed. Can I please reiterate that facial piercings or clear retainers for piercings are NOT allowed.

If your child does not arrive at College in the correct uniform they can expect to be sent home.

In relation to homework

Completing work at home is essential to support the learning that takes place in class and also helps to develop good study habits. Students can expect to receive the following in relation to homework:-

Year 7 up to 20 minutes per subject per week or fortnight

Year 8 up to 20 minutes per subject per week or fortnight

Year 9 up to 30 minutes per subject per week or fortnight

Year 10 up to 40 minutes per subject per week

Year 11 up to 40-60 minutes per subject per week

Year 12 7 hours per subject per week

Year 13 7 hours per subject per week

We use Show My Homework to set homework.  Parents have their own login and can view what has been set. We expect students to complete homework and to hand it in on the date set by the teacher.

In relation to mobile phones, earphones and Smart watches

We are changing our rules in relation to mobile phones.

From August 2017, mobile phones and earphones are NOT allowed to be seen or used inside the building at any point during the College day. This includes in between lessons and lesson changeover between sites.

Students will be able to use phones at break time and lunchtime on outside spaces only.

Smart watches are NOT allowed to be worn in College.

I would strongly advise that students do not bring mobile devices and electrical equipment into College as these items are not needed during the College day and we will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings.

Our aim is to reward all students who do the right thing in the form of merits and invitations to reward events.  We have now reviewed our behaviour policy to reflect this.  We will encourage our students to make the right choices so they are able to stay in lessons and learn.  Of course there will be times when students do not make the right choices and then teachers, heads of department, tutors and heads of house will decide on an appropriate sanction.  Detentions will run on a Tuesday and Thursday after school and cannot be rearranged.  It is an expectation that if a detention is owed then a detention is served and we thank you for your support in this.  In exceptional circumstances, a member of the leadership team may choose to detain your child on the same day as a specific incident. Out of courtesy they will let you know, but this will not be open to negotiation.  When extreme behaviours are exhibited then students will be made to work with an individual member of staff where the focus will be on modifying behaviour.

If a student fails to follow any of these basic rules, staff are required to spend time following this up.  We want staff to focus on ensuring students have quality learning experiences and that they are not distracted having to chase up students who have not completed homework or who have not followed basic instructions.

The commitment you have made in choosing to send your child to this College means that you support our expectations. By working together and ensuring students get a consistent message about these expectations, we can ensure that students reach their potential.

Parental contact

Any parents wishing to discuss issues with staff need to make an appointment. Staff are not available to meet if parents arrive on site unannounced.

Return to College dates

All year groups will return to College on Tuesday 29th August 2017

College Transport – Bus Passes

Confidence Buses is the preferred provider of the College and have successfully tendered for the contract with the College and as such we will be able to assist parents/carers with any queries, questions or issues that arise.

We will be unable to assist parents/carers with any queries or correspondence related to Beaver Buses.

New House System

The seven “Houses” are now established and are named after influential Britons. We have tried to keep as many tutors with their groups as possible.  Over the summer holidays you will receive a letter confirming which House, tutor group and room your child is in.

Lunchtime Arrangements

The lunch break is 40 minutes duration and students are not allowed off site at lunchtime.  Students are not allowed off site to go to the shops or wander the streets.

We operate a cashless catering system.  Parents can top up students accounts using ParentPay. This system also allows you to see what your child has eaten.  Any parent who does not have a username and password should contact the college.  You can also use ParentPay to top up accounts for printing, trips, revision guides, calculators etc.

End of Day Arrangements and After School Activities

Lessons will end at 3pm. There are a range of extra curricular activities and support sessions that run after college. Most of these take place on a Tuesday and Thursday when we run a late bus which leave college at 4.15pm.

Printer Credits

Parents and students can purchase additional printer credits using ParentPay or from the top up machines located around the college.

Site Security

All students will be required to wear the lanyard and ID card at all times.  The first one will be provided free of charge. Lost lanyards will cost £3.50 to replace.  The ID card will allow students to book out resources in the library, allow them to use the photo copiers and pay for school meals.

Supporting Success Evenings

It is important we get the year off to the right start and as such we have a number sessions for parents to find out more about the year ahead. I would strongly urge you all to attend these. The dates are listed below and there will be more details will follow.

  • 4th September  Year 7 – What to expect
  • 5th September  - Year 10 and 11 – What to expect
  • 6th September  - Year 12 and 13  - What to expect

Parent Governors

Our College really values the time and commitment that Parent Governors give to our Governing Board.  They support and challenge our school to be the best it can be.  Parents need to commit to attending meetings, both full Governing Board meetings and the meetings of one of the Committees.  These will total 10 during the year, each lasting about two hours, plus any additional meetings.  Parents must ensure that they are able to read all the paperwork before the meeting/s and be able to challenge and support the leadership and strategic direction of the Trust.

If you would like any further information then please contact Suzanne Uprichard, Chair of Governors at [email protected]

Thank you to those parents who have already expressed an interest in becoming a parent governor the deadline for applications is 28th July 2017.

I would also like to remind you of our College Website.  This is available to view at www.clcc.college

There is a great deal of information available about the college and the courses we offer.

I would like to thank you in anticipation of your co-operation in these matters and look forward to a successful year next year.

May I take this opportunity to wish both parents and students a most enjoyable summer; we look forward to working with you all next term.

Mr J Sleath


This page was last updated: 12th July 2017