End of Term Letter from the Principal

Dear Parent/Carer

As this academic year draws to a close and planning is well underway for next year, I would like to thank you for all your support and share with you our priorities and expectations for next year.

We are really proud of our students this year and in particular we are proud of the way they have embraced the changes we have introduced.  This has been reflected in our celebrations of their success in Presentation Evenings and Proms for Years 11 and 13, the Sports Awards Presentation and of course our day long Festival on the Field celebration event.  House and tutor celebrations have also taken place to recognise the efforts students have put in throughout the course of the year.  In addition to this we have rounded off the term with fantastic concerts in both music and dance as well as Sports Day.

Our Year 11 and 13 students have now completed their GCSE and A Level exams and can enjoy a long summer holiday whilst awaiting results.  The commitment and dedication shown by students in the run up to the exams was great to see and our newly introduced Exam Preparation Programme helped to thoroughly prepare them for the exam period.  This is something that we will be building on next year and have already started to plan our programme of support.

In all year groups, students have thrown themselves into the House System and have taken part in competitions and charity events. We will continue to develop our House system next year and will be encouraging students to take part in as many events as possible and apply for leadership positions within their house. The overall House winner in our first year of competition went to Turing who are thoroughly deserving of this prestigious title.

We are really excited about the start of next year when we will continue to build on the good work over the past two terms. We are committed to achieving excellence in all that we do.  This requires dedication, determination, hard work and a relentless approach towards achieving the very highest standards.  We have a team of staff who all want the very best for the students. With your support we will continue to improve.

As we move into next year alongside continuing to build on the good work that has been done this year we will be focussing on:-

  1. Developing the character of all our students.
  2. Putting in place strategies to support our students becoming independent and resilient learners.

I will write to you at the start of the Autumn Term with more information about how you can help to support your child and the college in developing these skills.

Important information for the start of the academic year 2018-2019

All relevant information about the College is detailed in the Parent Handbook which can be found at http://www.clcc.college/parents/parent-handbook/

At the start of each year I would encourage you to read it so you can remind yourself of key information about the college. Below are some of the sections which I would like to highlightto you.

Expectations relating to attendance and punctuality

We want all students to maximise the time they are with us so it is vital your child arrives at college on time.  College starts at 08.30am.  The main gate closes at 08.25am.  All students should arrive at college before this time.

Attendance at college is essential. We appreciate that children are unwell from time to time and that there can be exceptional circumstances for absences. Please think carefully about keeping your child out of school.  Research shows that pupils who achieve the best results are also those children who have the highest school attendance.  As a minimum all children should aim for at least 98% attendance.

Expectations relating to Uniform

Uniform requirements for next year have already been sent out.  I would ask again that you read these carefully so you are fully aware of what is expected for the next academic year. Whilst there are no significant changes to our uniform for next year, following feedback from parents, we have clarified the type of skirt that students must wear from September 2018.  Students who opt to wear a skirt must ensure it is a plain grey knee length box pleated skirt.  This information is also available on our website.

Can I please reiterate that facial piercings or clear retainers for piercings are NOT allowed.

Also, all students are required to wear their college lanyard and ID card at all times

We will continue to reinforce our uniform requirements as part of our core expectations of students.  Your support in ensuring your child adheres to our uniform requirements is appreciated. If your child does not arrive at College in the correct uniform they can expect to be sent home.

Expectations in relation to mobile phones, earphones and smart watches

Mobile phones and earphones are NOT allowed to be seen or used inside the building at any point during the College day.  This includes in between lessons and lesson changeover between sites.

Students are only allowed to use phones at break time and lunchtime if they are outside.  Smart watches are NOT allowed to be worn in College.

I would strongly advise that students do not bring mobile devices and electrical equipment into College as these items are not needed during the College day and we will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings.

Expectations relating to Behaviour

At CLCC we want to ensure students achieve their potential and take advantage of every opportunity that is on offer.  We want all our students to ensure they are in the ‘right place at the right time doing the right thing’ and that they conduct themselves in an appropriate way which we are referring to as having a ‘mind to be kind’.  Our aim is to reward all students who do the right thing in the form of merits and invitations to reward events.  We will encourage our students to make the right choices so they are able to stay in lessons and learn.

We have previously shared with you our clear expectations for all students which we refer to as our ‘non negotiables’.  These will ensure that all students know what they should be doing and how to conduct themselves both in and out of lessons.  Please find below a reminder of these

CLCC Non –Negotiables

  1. Coats off, shirts tucked in, ties on, phones away and no headphones.
  2. Sit where you are told.
  3. 3-2-1 means stop, pens down, eyes on the teacher and listen.
  4. No shouting out or talking over the teacher.
  5. Be polite at all times (no swearing, use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, do not argue).

Of course there maybe times when students do not make the right choices which may lead to them being detained after school.  After school detentions of either 30 or 60 minutes are compulsory to attend on the day specified.  Parental permission is not required and it is your responsibility to arrange transport home for your child.

Please discuss these with your child at home and help us to reinforce these key messages.

Expectations in relation to Homework

Completing work at home is essential to support the learning that takes place in class and also helps to develop good study habits. Students can expect to receive the following in relation to homework:-

Year 7 up to 20 minutes per subject per week or fortnight

Year 8 up to 20 minutes per subject per week or fortnight

Year 9 up to 30 minutes per subject per week or fortnight

Year 10 up to 40 minutes per subject per week

Year 11 up to 40-60 minutes per subject per week

Year 12 7 hours per subject per week

Year 13 7 hours per subject per week

We use Show My Homework to set homework. Parents have their own login and can view what has been set.  We expect students to complete homework and to hand it in on the date set by the teacher.

Summer work for Year 10 students (Year 11 August 2018)

In order to ensure current Year 10 students are well prepared for their return into Year 11 in August, we have reviewed mock results and set some work for students to complete.  Please ensure your child completes the following in preparation for tests which will take place week commencing 10thSeptember.


Students should: -

  • Plan their spoken language presentation over the summer.
  • Complete 1 hour English Language Component 2 section A reading paper.


Students should: -

  • Use PLCs provided by maths teacher to complete a minimum number of credits from the booklets on Show My Homework
  • Evidence of the work must be brought into the first maths lesson of Year 11.


Students should: -

  • Revise work for paper 1 baseline test (this will include learning the mind maps of key facts for the first four units for Biology, Chemistry and Physics).
  • In addition, students must complete the ecology project
  • Electronic copies will be sent on show my homework and emailed to college email addresses of all year 10 students.

Contacting the college

All staff are happy to speak to parents about any concerns or questions you may have.  Can I please remind you that when you contact the College, staff will endeavourto get back to you within 48 hours.  Teachers are in the classroom for the biggest part of the day delivering lessons with no access or ability to be able to return calls or respond to emails. Please be patient and ensure that contact with the college is polite and courteous.  Please see the Parent Handbook for further details on contacting the college.

The commitment you have made in choosing to send your child to this College means that you support our expectations.  By working together and ensuring students get a consistent message about these expectations, we can ensure that students reach their potential.

Checking on Progress

Can I please encourage you to use the MyEd App to track your child’s progress.  We will be running a session for parents on the use of this app should you feel you need some help on how to use it.  Details on times and dates will follow at the start of the academic year.

Return to College dates

All year groups will return to College on Tuesday 28thAugust 2018

Lunchtime Arrangements

The lunch break is 40 minutes duration and students are not allowed off site at lunchtime.  Students are not allowed off site to go to the shops or wander the streets.

We operate a cashless catering system. Parents can top up students accounts using ParentPay.  This system also allows you to see what your child has eaten.  Any parent who does not have a username and password should contact the college.  You can also use ParentPay to top up accounts for printing, trips, revision guides, calculators etc.

End of Day Arrangements and After School Activities

Lessons will end at 3pm.  There are a range of extra curricular activities and support sessions that run after college.  Most of these take place on a Tuesday and Thursday when we run a late bus which leave college at 4.15pm.

Printer Credits

Parents and students can purchase additional printer credits using ParentPay or from the top up machines located around the college. Can I also remind you that the Stationery Shop located on the Countesthorpe site in Repro is open before morning registration during break & lunchtimes and at the end of the College day.

Site Security

All students will be required to wear the lanyard and ID card at all times.  The first one will be provided free of charge.  Lost lanyards will cost £3.50 to replace.  The ID card will allow students to book out resources in the library, allow them to use the photo copiers and pay for school meals.

Power to Perform

It is important we get the year off to the right start and as such we have a number of sessions for parents to find out more about how you can support your child in all aspects of their college life. We want you to be as involved as you can in making a difference to your child’s progress.  I would strongly urge you all to attend these in the Countesthorpe Theatre.  The dates are listed below and there will be more details to follow at the start of the year:-

  • 3rd September Year 7, Brunel, Hawkings and Turing 6pm
  • 3rd September Year 7, Lawrence, Spencer and Wilberforce 6:45pm
  • 4th September Year 11, 6pm
  • 4th September Year 10, 7pm
  • 5th September Year 12, 6pm
  • 5th September Year 13, 6:45pm

I would also like to remind you of our College Website.  This is available to view at www.clcc.college

There is a great deal of information available about the college and the courses we offer.

Finally, I would like to thank you in anticipation of your support and look forward to a successful year next year.

May I take this opportunity to wish both parents and students a most enjoyable summer; we look forward to working with you all next term.

Yours sincerely

Mrs C. Aitcheson


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