Consultation regarding joining the LiFE MAT

Dear Parent/Carer

I would like to let you know about an exciting development at CLCC.

The priority of the Countesthorpe Leysland Community College (CLCC) Governing Board is to ensure an excellent education for all its students. We are wholly committed to improving standards to allow students to flourish in an exciting and engaging environment.

Our current status is as a Single Academy Trust.  You will probably be aware that there is a commitment from the government that all schools should be part of a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) by the end of this Parliament.  This is to ensure that schools work together to ensure continuous improvement.

The Governing Board has carefully considered the options available and believes that the best way to maximize the future success of the college whilst retaining its ethos, philosophy and commitment to improve is to join the LiFE MAT.

The LiFE MAT is made up of Bosworth College, Winstanley School and Kingsway Primary.  Bosworth College is an outstanding college with an excellent track record both for its own school and the positive impact it has had on its work with Winstanley and Kingsway.  The Executive Headteacher is Chris Parkinson.  His wealth of experience and expertise offers an exciting opportunity to work alongside the current Leadership Team at CLCC to continue to build on the good work that has already been done.  In joining the MAT, CLCC retains its autonomy but also becomes one legal entity with the other schools, with a single Multi Academy Trust Board.

We are passionate about working collaboratively with other schools who have the same commitment, ethos and drive to achieve the very best for its pupils.  Working collaboratively with the schools in the LiFE MAT will allow us to share the many strengths we have at CLCC whilst retaining our status of being a community college.  We want to make a positive decision about the future of our young people and believe that joining the LiFE MAT will allow this to happen.

In making this decision we have taken into consideration the following:-

  • Our commitment to ensure excellent outcomes for our students.
  • The ability to provide new and more opportunities for staff
  • Safeguarding the school’s long term financial future
  • Ensuring good governance
  • Being part of a MAT that is aligned to the ethos and culture of our college.
  • The benefits that being part of a MAT can bring to our college.

Together, we feel that we can build a Multi Academy Trust which will significantly improve outcomes for all students.  We have much in common with the schools already in the LiFE MAT and we are confident that through working together, there will be wonderful opportunities for staff and students to share experiences, expertise and skills.

This is a unique and exciting opportunity for CLCC and one that we want to capitalize on.

The formal consultation process begins on Friday 18thMay and will run until Sunday 24thJune.  The consultation document, including frequently asked questions can be found by following this link

Responses can be submitted in writing to ‘MAT Consultation’ c/o Mrs J Banks at the college, or by email to

The proposed timeline is outlined below and includes an opportunity to speak to Mrs S Uprichard (Chair of Governors CLCC), Mrs C Aitcheson (Acting Principal CLCC) and Mr C Parkinson (Executive Headteacher LiFE MAT) on Thursday 7thJune 2018 at 6pm at the Countesthorpe College Theatre.

16thMay 2018 Meeting with staff
18thMay 2018 Launch of formal consultation
7thJune 2018 Mid period consultation meeting
By 24thJune Views to be submitted
24thJune End of consultation
End of June Decision on proposal

All views will be considered by the Governing Board before a final decision is made as we want this to be a full and meaningful consultation.

Should the decision be taken that the proposal goes ahead, it will be followed by the commencement of an official period of due diligence.  This is a vital part of the process of joining a MAT.  During this time, CLCC would undertake a detailed due diligence process on the LiFE MAT and vice versa.  Until the successful completion of this, no formal commitment to join the MAT would take place.

I look forward to hearing your views.

Yours sincerely

Mrs S Uprichard

Chair of Governors

This page was last updated: 18th May 2018