Charity Week

Dear Parent/Guardian,

On behalf of the student council, I would like to inform you about our imminent annual Charity Week at CLCC, which will run from 19th-23rd March 2018.  Once again we will be hosting a variety of fund-raising events, from cake sales to football tournaments, to raise money for our partner charity, Volunteer Africa 32 Degrees South (VA32).  Throughout the week, students and staff will work really hard to organise tutor group events.  In the past we have had everything from line-dancing to tuck shops, car-washing to dance-offs.  The culmination of the week will be a House Fayre in tutorial on Friday 23rd.

The charity we support is based in the ‘Wild Coast’ area of South Africa, in the town of Chintsa, where access to the technologies and facilities which we take for granted isn’t available for most children, either at school or home.  We have supported the charity since 2010 and in that time have helped develop the ‘Big Green E-Machine’, a mobile ICT lab which travels from township to township; funded the building and equipment of a crèche in Chintsa, a vital service for the youngest children who benefit from the socialisation and safe conditions provided by dedicated staff; and developed the Chintsa Soup Kitchen, which provides a nutritious daily meal for the children of the township on the weekends and holidays when they don’t have access to a school lunch.

Over the last seven years, CLCC has raised over £15,000 for the charity and organised a working holiday for 16+ students who, during their time in Chintsa, built a jungle gym next to the soup kitchen and found out first hand exactly how our fundraising makes an impact.

We would like to ask for parental support for the fundraising week.  Please remind students to bring in cash for participation in activities that week, as payment cards can’t be accepted. It will be tutor group non-uniform or fancy dress on Friday 23rd March with a £1 donation.  Thanks go out in advance to all of the students and staff who will organise, perform and donate during the week, and to you for your support.

Best regards,

Mrs K Morris

Co-ordinator of PSHE and Citizenship

This page was last updated: 8th March 2018