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Blaby Library Volunteers

Blaby Library are looking for student volunteers to help out with the summer reading scheme. Students from CLCC have helped out for the last three years and Claire from Blaby Library will be here at lunch time on the Tuesday 25th June 2019 to talk to any students that would like to help out. If…
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Do you have spare uniform?

We are looking for donations of CLCC Uniform items. We are seeking donations of CLCC uniform items that can be sold onto new students in the first instance, and depending on the amount of donated uniforms, offered for sale to existing students. Money raised will go towards student led projects. If you have any spare…
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Year 11 & Year 13 Students – Artwork Pick-up

Current Year 11 & Year 13 students will be able to collect their GCSE and A-Level coursework pieces between Tuesday 22nd October 2019 and Friday 8th November 2019. After this date all remaining work will be recycled to make space. Unfortunately we do not have the space to retain items of work past Friday 8th…
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